Greetings from the Shoulder and Elbow Section of the AOAO

By Howard D. Routman, DO, FAOAO
President, Shoulder and Elbow Section

Formed only two years ago, our section is focused on providing the highest level of educational programming to the AOAO membership.  Seventeen years ago, when I did my shoulder fellowship there were only 12 ASES slots in the entire country and now there are almost 30 programs and many take multiple fellows each year.  This means that there are more and more well trained shoulder surgeons in the community each year.  The onus is on us as a profession to ensure that our patients are receiving the best quality of care that reflects an understanding of the current state of the art when it comes to shoulder and elbow surgery.  We are going to continue to expand the topics that we cover in our sessions but also work to provide more interactive and case-based learning opportunities which seem to have the greatest impact for the membership.

This year, at the upcoming meeting in Nashville we have a stellar faculty of experts that will be presenting.  Chaired by Nate Long, DO, this session will work to expand the way we all think about current management of shoulder and elbow problems.  The finale of the session is going to be a raucous and educational program called “DISASTERPLASTY”.  The faculty will discuss and share their experience in dealing with all the problems that can occur after arthroplasty of the shoulder.  Jack Kazanjian, DO will be moderating this session and it is guaranteed to be a worthwhile experience. 

Everyone has a nightmare case out there, and if you would like to submit yours for the panel to discuss and give feedback we are asking you to send in your DISASTERPLASTY case!  Please remove all patient identifier information and send it on a blank powerpoint presentation to the AOAO to The submission process will be anonymous, so please send a small summary of the case as one of the slides.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you (and your DISASTERPLASTY cases) in Nashville!

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