AOAO Foundation Update

Dr. UlrichBy Gary S. Ulrich, DO, FAOAO

It is my pleasure to report the most recent activities of the AOAO Foundation.  During this past year, the Foundation has experienced steady growth in both its finances and its activities.  The AOAO Foundation is beginning to collaborate with other osteopathic foundations.  We are now nurturing a relationship with the National Association of Osteopathic Foundations (NAOF). This will allow us to gain further insight into beginning new projects, implementing them, and managing our Foundation efficiently.

Additionally, I have personally met with the Executive Director of the American Osteopathic Foundation. We have begun to exchange ideas and thoughts about future collaboration.

The AOAO Foundation once again provided two scholarships for osteopathic orthopedic residents to attend the AOAO Skills Lab in Indianapolis, Indiana. Furthermore, we continue to receive financial support from Don Joy Orthopedics for excellence in research. This support is awarded through the sports medicine paper award and through travel scholarships to residents for excellence in abstracts submitted to the Annual Meeting.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is that the foundation has initiated a project to create a Virtual Library. This Library would be available to practicing AOAO members and resident AOAO member physicians through the AOAO website. Discussions and planning are ongoing. We have hired an electronic librarian consulting firm and there will be much activity with regard to this project in Nashville.

Members will have an opportunity to meet with our consultants and express the needs of such a library. It is essential that the needs of all our members are met.  Such a project will be groundbreaking within our profession.  The goal is to have this be the most functional, complete and useful online orthopedic library currently available.  As expected, such a project will require both industry and member support, so I would ask that each member consider a donation to the Foundation, as we continue to embark on fulfilling our mission statement. Pledge cards will be available for consideration in your Postgraduate Seminar registration packets.


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