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SAOAO Update

Priyal BhagatPriyal V. Bhagat, OMS III
TouroCOM- Harlem, NY
National SAOAO President

The SAOAO is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its establishment in 2005. We are proud to see how much our organization has grown in quality and quantity.  The number of chapters has increased and membership numbers are climbing. More students’ interest is being drawn toward this challenging yet rewarding specialty. As Orthopedics continues to become a competitive field to enter, our newly elected board finds ways to help our members gain the competitive edge.

With a newly elected national board from schools around the nation, SAOAO is striving to connect to and develop all local chapters. Our predecessors have built a strong foundation for us to grow upon. Being able to attend our biannual conferences in conjunction with AOAO meetings is one of the most educational and helpful parts of being a member of SAOAO.

The planning of the SAOAO Annual Meeting in October has begun and we are excited about bringing our membership an outstanding program to one of the most important conferences of the year. The conference chair and I have reviewed past experiences and identified some of the most helpful events from past, looking to bring them back with a refreshed look at the conference this year. Our speed-mentoring event was a hit in the past and will again be one of our key events. We also have the pleasure of having renowned members of the AOAO board come in and speak to us. 

The SAOAO will also be publishing its newsletter with interesting articles and helpful hints on landing a residency.  We will reach out and build our database of available preceptors.  Our board members are in the process of making deals with board prep programs to offer discounted prices for our members. We hope to see you the conference in October at the beautiful Broadmoor resort in Colorado.  It will be an excellent opportunity to network and build connections with other students, residents, and attendings and participating in the educational events that we have planned.

I would like to thank the RAOAO and AOAO Board of Directors. Nothing is possible without the undying support we get from them. The attending physicians and residents of the AOAO have played an integral part in helping build the SAOAO to its current stat.  A special thank you to the AOAO Executive Director, Dr. Lee Vander Lugt; President, Dr. James Mason; First Vice President, Dr. George Zimmerman and Association Manager, Joye Stewart for advocating for the SAOAO. Last, I thank all our members for their continued interest and involvement in SAOAO.

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