RAOAO Update

By Antonio G. Manocchio, Jr., DO

While our Osteopathic Orthopedic Residency Programs continue to produce both competent and excellent surgeons, the upcoming single accreditation system is to ensure that all residents and fellows are held to the same standards, not only in orthopedics, but in all areas of graduate medical education.  Based on the most recent timetable, the implementation will be completed by July 2020.  The new system will allow graduates of osteopathic and allopathic medical schools to complete their residency and/or fellowship education in ACGME-accredited programs.  One change that you may already notice within your programs is the achievement of common milestones and competencies.  Although in its infancy, this aspect will continue to grow and develop as the AOAO prepares for the upcoming changes.  More information can be found on the AOA’s website and we will keep you updated as events continue to unfold.

One of the RAOAO purposes is to maintain lines of communication with other Osteopathic residents.  This includes both current and past residents. To continue in this endeavor we are in the process of setting up a Fellowship resource center.  This will include, at minimum, a database of past Osteopathic Orthopedic Surgeons who have completed Fellowship training, their specialty, contact information, and Fellowship Program completed.  By doing this we hope to bridge a gap and answer many questions that residents may have in pursuit of the fellowship of their choice.  What better way to obtain information about a fellowship than the firsthand experience of a mentor?  This will surely be a great addition to continuing communication within our osteopathic community.  Along with helping our residents obtain fellowships we have discussed possible online webinars on how to obtain a fellowship and seminars at the AOAO meetings to connect with specialty trained surgeons who will have insight and recommendations and contacts at desired fellowship programs. 

Along with continuing communication we are still working on a Resident Forum/Resident listerve, that RAOAO members will be able to email/read/post on a variety of topics.  Although this seems like this should be easy to achieve, there are many variables and logistical issues to be ironed out.  We will continue to update you as we move along.  Please contact us if you have suggestions or ideas for this section as we continue with the development phase.

I would like to thank everyone who helped during the recent SAOAO meeting.  It is important that we continue to aid in the education and advancement of the SAOAO, as many will be working along side us as future residents.  Our resident participation was successful and much appreciated.

The 55th Annual Postgraduate Seminar is soon approaching and will be held at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Florida on Friday, April 17 through Sunday, April 19.  Our next RAOAO meeting will be held during the conference (date TBD) and we invite any residents to join.   

We would like to hear more about accomplishments of our members and how we can better serve you. Please email us at raoao@aoao.org with any questions or suggestions.

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