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OCC for Subspecialty (CAQ) Certifications

Physicians with Subspecialty (CAQ) Certification in Hand Surgery must comply with all five components of Osteopathic Continuous Certification.  In addition, there are a few other requirements/considerations to maintaining the Hand Surgery Subspecialty Certification.

Non-compliance with OCC will lead to a loss of board certification and/or subspecialty certification.

The Five Components of OCC

Component 1:    Unrestricted Licensure
Component 2:    Lifelong Learning/Continuous Medical Education (CME)
Component 3:    Cognitive Assessment (Examination once every 10 years)
Component 4:    Practice Performance Assessment and Improvement (PPA)
Component 5:    Continuous AOA Membership

In Component 3: Lifelong Learning/CME, physicians holding the Hand Surgery Subspecialty Certification (CAQ) must earn a minimum of 13 (of the required 50) specialty credits in the hand surgery subspecialty area.
In Component 4: Practice Performance Assessment, physicians holding the Hand Surgery Subspecialty Certification (CAQ) must complete one PPA each CME cycle, with at least one hand surgery PPA, each 10 year certification cycle.

NOTE:  Physicians holding a non-time-limited (non-expiring, non-dated) general orthopedic surgery certification and a time-limited Hand Surgery Subspecialty Certification must fully participate in the OCC process for the hand surgery subspecialty in order to maintain the Hand Surgery Subspecialty Certification and be deemed compliant with OCC.  The OCC process remains voluntary for the non-time-limited General Orthopedic Surgery Certification holders.

Additional OCC Information
AOBOS Board members will be available to answer your OCC questions at the AOAO’s Postgraduate Meeting in Amelia Island, Florida at the OCC Booth in the Exhibitor’s Hall.
Link to the AOBOS OCC Handbook - http://www.aobos.org/mm/files/OCC-Handbook-Master.pdf
Link to the Component 4 – PPA modules - http://www.osteopathic-cat.com/ 

Check out the OCC Corner in each new edition of the Orthopod for updates to OCC.

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