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The Single Accreditation System Continues to be a Challenge

Dr. Vander LugtBy Lee Vander Lugt, DO, FAOAO

I want to thank all of you who attended the very successful 2014 Annual Meeting held at the Terranea Resort for a very successful meeting.  The speakers were outstanding, the venue was exceptional, and the chance to see “old” friends was uplifting. 

One other aspect of the meeting was also very successful, namely, the number and nature of the companies that exhibited and contributed grants.  Please, when you have an opportunity, personally thank your individual representatives for the support of their company.  You can go to http://aoao.org/events/annual-2014exhibitors and refresh your memory for those companies who supported the Annual Meeting.

A heartfelt thanks is due to the many members who volunteer their time to make the AOAO a great organization.  This includes the Board of Directors, all the Committee chairpersons and members, as well as the many moderators and speakers.  Our organization depends on all of your support to thrive and to grow.  Your service is never overlooked by the Executive Office.  Remember that while serving you can also earn points toward the Award of Fellow.

I would be remiss in overlooking our great staff at Ruggles Service Corporation.  Their prompt and professional attention to detail is above reproach.  A special thanks to Joye Stewart, Association Manager, for all her tireless work for the Academy.  Often working behind the scenes, her leadership of the management team is indispensable.

I wish all of our members and their loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Please try to make some special time for your families this holiday season.

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