Change is Upon Us

Dr. ZabalaBy Jeffrey Beckenbaugh, DO
Orthopod Editor

This has been a busy time for the AOAO, as well as a busy time for all of us involved in practice of medicine.  Change seems to be upon us no matter where we turn these days.  I am sure no one needs to be reminded of that, as we are living it every day.
All these changes come with a lot of activity. The AOAO leadership has responded not only in Advocacy, but also in communication efforts.

We have a new web site, and have decided it would be best to return to three Orthopod editions each year.  Hopefully these efforts will assist in keeping an open line of communication and optimizing needed information dissemination.

Additionally, we hope you enjoy the enhanced experience of the Orthopod on our new web site.  We encourage all AOAO members to consider submitting topics and articles for future newsletters. Thank you for your continuing support.

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