Orthopedic Boot Camp Trained Resident Physicians from All Over the U.S.

Blacksburg, Virginia Nov. 1, 2013 - The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM), presented the first ever Orthopedic Boot Camp over a two-day span on November 1 and 2.  Ken D’Amato, D.O., FAOAO, Discipline Chair of Surgery at VCOM, was the program chair of the boot camp, conducting the event along with his colleagues. This event is unique not only to the area, but also the country, giving participating resident physicians access to VCOM’s state-of-the-art Simulation and Technology Center and anatomy lab.

In general, boot camps are short programs tailored to specific medical specialties with a purpose of increasing the resident’s knowledge and skill level, ultimately better preparing them for the operating room and creating an easier transition into their specialty programs. With over 30 first and second year orthopedic residents invited from 39 nationwide orthopedic residency programs, the Orthopedic Boot Camp had a large turnout and was a successful event of shared orthopedic knowledge.

As for the location of the boot camp, Dr. D’Amato adamantly stated, “VCOM is unique in the osteopathic world, having an advanced simulation center and anatomy lab, as well as offering hands-on, real-time surgeries on cadaveric specimens. It’s the perfect place to have post-graduate education for surgical programs.” It goes without saying that Blacksburg, with all that it offers, is a superb place to host such a program, extending training to orthopedic doctors from all over the country.

It is Dr. D’Amato’s hope that this program will continue to grow and evolve, taking place at least once a year to welcome new first year residents in orthopedic surgery.  The goal of the program, he states, “is to increase [the residents’] knowledge of orthopedics and increase their skill level at a quicker pace. And if we can accomplish that, then I think we have done our job.”  At the dinner after the event on Saturday night, the residents and the eight faculty members were so enthusiastic about the course, that they suggested VCOM hold another event in the very near future. 

For more information, contact Cindy Shepard Rawlins, Director of Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications at crawlins@vcom.edu, or 540-231-5419.

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