RAOAO Update

Transitions, the Single Accreditation System and More

As we transition from fall to winter in the Midwest, we hope that this update finds you renewed after the Thanksgiving holiday. We are fresh off of a successful Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. The meeting saw record attendance from residents and surgeons alike. We continued our strong relationship with the SAOAO which is an integral part of our organization. The SAOAO is the next generation of orthopedic residents and we feel that mentoring that group will ensure the continued flow of quality candidates into all of our programs. The students held an entire session dedicated to educating the medical students and many residents volunteered to assist with splinting labs, lectures, and a speed mentoring session. This was well received and a relationship that we will continue to foster with the students.

The most important issue at hand continues to be the single accreditation system and how this system will affect our residents. As of this writing, 33 programs have submitted their application for ACGME accreditation. At this point they are in various stages of the process, with the majority in the preaccreditation stage. The RAOAO leadership continues to stress that though we will have a new accrediting body in 2020, we are responsible for continuing to be true to our osteopathic roots. Please take pride in our osteopathic heritage throughout this process and be good stewards of the profession. We urge all of you to speak with your Program Director about obtaining osteopathic recognition for your program in the ACGME accreditation process.

Be sure to register for the upcoming AOAO 57th Postgraduate Seminar.  It will take place April 28-30, 2017 in Nashville, TN.  Be on the lookout for other educational opportunities available to you as AOAO residents, including an arthroscopy skills lab this winter at Marian University in Indianapolis. Also, get a head start on posters, papers, and abstracts to submit to next fall’s annual meeting in Chicago. The new e-poster format made submission of posters much easier and we hope to continually refine this process.

We would like to hear more about the accomplishments of our members and how we can better serve you. We are working on a five-minute survey regarding your relationship and thoughts about the AOAO which you will soon find in your inbox. Please email us at raoao@aoao.org with any questions or suggestions.

Be Outstanding,

Your RAOAO Officers:

Ryan Eschbaugh, DO
Ahmed Siddiqi, DO
Ross Burge, DO

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