CME Committee Update

Meet One of AOAO's Most Important Groups of Volunteers

The CME Committee is perhaps one of the Academy’s most important group of volunteers. Charged with the design, development and implementation of patient centered evidence-based continuing medical education programs, the CME Committee must make sure that all programs adhere to the requirements of the American Osteopathic Association while meeting the needs of AOAO members. 

Committee Chair Dennis Blackburn, DO and Vice-Chair Steven Morton, DO lead this group of members from each specialty section to oversee the selection of moderators and speakers for the Postgraduate Seminar, Annual Meeting and any other CME activity of the AOAO. These educational programs assist the AOAO membership with achieving required CME credits, provide specialty credits to meet the Osteopathic Continuous Certification requirements, and offer quality lectures about the latest surgical techniques in each specialty of orthopedics.

The committee meets during the Postgraduate Seminar and Annual Meeting. If you have suggestions for topics for future meetings, please email Joye Stewart at

2016 CME Committee

Chair: Dennis Blackburn, DO, FAOAO
Vice Chair: Steven Morton, DO, FAOAO
Anthony McPherron, DO
Steven Hand, DO
Dan Foster, DO
Terrance Foust, DO
David Gotham, DO
Daniel E. Krenk, DO
Jackman , James
Robert Marsh, DO
Scott Nemec, DO, FAOAO
Terrence Philbin, DO, FAOAO
Daniel Cuttica, DO
Madhu Rao, DO, FAOAO
Marc A. Tressler , DO
Michael P. Schmidt, DO
John Pomponi, DO
Adam Dann, DO
Jason Nydick, DO, FAOAO
R. Brian Williams, DO
Edward Armbruster, DO, FAOAO
Joseph Rosenblatt, DO, FAOAO
Daniel Ruggles, DO
John Schlechter, DO, FAOAO
Marc Trzeciak, DO, FAOAO
Jack Kazanjian, DO, FAOAO
David Harkins, DO
Sean McMillan, DO, FAOAO
Jesse Pace, DO
Keith Cordischi, DO
Wade Faerber, DO, FAOAO
Michael Chabot, DO, FAOAO
Ali Mortazavi, DO
Zeshan Hyder, DO
William Neway, DO  

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