Annual Meeting Highlights

75th anniversaryAOAO Celebrates its 75th Anniversary in Style!

The Academy celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a special Gala on October 14 during the 2016 Annual Meeting at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC. The 75th Anniversary Task Force started working two years ago to help make this a memorable event, and to provide other activities commemorating this milestone. 

Thank you to the 75th Anniversary Task Force!

Chair, James Ingram, DO, FAOAO
Mrs. Linda Ingram
Christopher Hull, DO, FAOAO
Terrence Philbin, DO, FAOAO
Olivia Morris, DO, FAOAO
Angela Rowe, DO, FAOAO
Dean Nachtigall, DO, FAOAO
Joel Rush, DO, FAOAO

75th Anniversary Commemorative Book
The 75th Anniversary Task Force has been working with Walsworth Publishing to produce a hard back picture book featuring highlights from the AOAO’s 75 years. The book will be sent to those who attended the 2016 Annual Meeting and will include photos from the Awards Ceremony, Reception and Silent Auction as well as the Gala Banquet. The book should be complete and available by the first of next year.

Annual 2016 Photo Gallery
The photo gallery from the Awards Ceremony, Reception and Gala Banquet is available for viewing.

2016 Annual Award Recipients

New Fellows and Sponsors

  • Timothy S. Ackerman, DO
    Sponsor: Walter C. Peppelman, Jr., DO, FAOAO
  • Steven A. Chandler, DO
    Sponsor: Gregory Hill, DO, FAOAO
  • Mitchell T. Copeland, DO
    Sponsor: M. Larry Copeland, DO, FAOAO
  • Daniel J. Cuttica, DO
    Sponsor: Terrence M. Philbin, DO, FAOAO
  • Meagan M. Fernandez, DO
    Sponsor: Joseph Rosenblatt, DO, FAOAO
  • Ryan M. Geringer, DO
    Sponsor: David H. MacDonald, DO, FAOAO
  • Safet O. Hatic, II, DO
    Sponsor: Terrence M. Philbin, DO, FAOAO
  • Dwight T. Kemp, DO
    Sponsor: Kurt W. Possai, DO, FAOAO
  • Timothy R. Lynch, DO
    Sponsor: David H. Krahe, DO, FAOAO
  • John P. Malloy IV, DO
    Sponsor: Robert R. Kaneda, DO, FAOAO
  • Anthony L. Marcotte, DO
    Sponsor: H. Brent Bamberger, DO, FAOAO
  • Aiman Rifai, DO
    Sponsor: Norman Sveilich, DO, FAOAO
  • Donald M. Sandercock II, DO
    Sponsor: Peter T. McAndrews, DO, FAOAO
  • Julieanne P. Sees, DO
    Sponsor: Carl Mogil, DO, FAOAO
  • Robert Swift, DO
    Sponsor: Stefan Sinco, DO, FAOAO
  • Chad A. Weber, DO
    Sponsor: Joseph D. DiCicco, DO, FAOAO
  • Brent M. Wiersema, DO
    Sponsor: Shariff K. Bishai, DO, MS, FAOAO

Appreciative Award
Barbara Sharp

Bob Green Memorial Award
Mark Allen, DO

Donald Siehl Appreciative Award
Dwight A. Jacobus, DO, FAOAO

Knotty Cane Award
Ruggles Service Corporation

Morton J. Morris, DO, JD Award for Osteopathic Orthopedic Education
Richard F. Howard, DO, FAOAO
Marc A. Trzeciak, DO, FAOAO

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