AOAO Foundation Update

By Gary S. Ulrich, DO, FAOAO, FACOS
AOAO Foundation President

75 for 75It is with a great deal of pride and enthusiasm that I come to the membership to promote the $75 for 75 AOAO Foundation Campaign. As you are aware, the AOAO Foundation was formed and founded three years ago. Since that time the Foundation and its Board of Directors have met twice a year and have collaborated and executed various projects that coincide with the Foundation’s mission statement; that is to promote osteopathic, orthopedic education and research.

It is at this point in time that we can confidently solicit and demonstrate the use of these funds. Thus far, the majority of the AOAO Foundation’s funding has been through orthopedic industry, the generosity of the AOAO Board of Directors and a small group of individual members.

Funding from industry grants require extensive documentation, form filing and have proven somewhat limited. The AOAO Foundation will continue to develop further relationships with industry so that adequate funding for osteopathic orthopedic research can be obtained. AOAO membership funding is essential for the day-to-day operations of the AOAO Foundation. Running a foundation requires administrative costs as well as various professional fees to keep the foundation status legal and up to date. Please be assured that the AOAO Foundation was originally designed and will continue to function as a pass through type of entity; that is, funding that comes into the foundation is expected to be dispersed by the foundation for appropriate scholarships, research projects and other orthopedic educational activities.

In 2015, the AOAO Foundation awarded a $1,000 DonJoy Sports Medicine Paper Award for excellence in sports medicine research and three $1,000 scholarships to orthopedic residents to attend and participate in the recent AOAO Skills Lab in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, we will award two $2,000 orthopedic resident scholarships for excellence in poster/abstract submissions. These are the types of projects the Foundation wants to continue. In addition, the “AOAO Foundation will work toward rewarding residents for quality, publication worthy osteopathic orthopedic research endeavors and for community service projects.

The $75 for 75 campaign will help make the goals of the Foundation much more attainable. I want to thank the AOAO membership in advance for donating to the Foundation. There will be also be opportunities to donate to the Foundation as you register for future courses, and renew your annual dues. If there are any questions or suggestions with regards to the AOAO Foundation and its mission and/or funding projects, please do not hesitate to contact me or the AOAO office.

Thank you all again.

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