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Editorial Subcommittee

The Editorial Subcommittee falls under the Residents and Fellows Committee. Its purpose is to review and judge papers submitted by osteopathic orthopedic residents.

Each year, approximately 400 scientific papers and/or case reports are submitted by residents as part of their training and research requirements. This large committee is comprised of AOAO members from each specialty: Adult Reconstruction, General Orthopedics, Foot and Ankle, Hand, Pediatrics, Shoulder and Elbow, Sports Medicine, Spinal Surgery and Trauma.  Under the direction of Dr. Charles Orth, Chair, committee members spend several months reviewing and scoring these papers. Those receiving the top three scores in each category are recognized on the AOAO website. They are also invited to present their work during the Residents and Fellows session, held during the Annual Meeting. Scientific paper winners are rewarded monetarily and receive travel reimbursement if they present.

This committee represents an important part of the Academy’s mission and plan to encourage and reward residents for their research.

2016 Editorial Subcommittee
Charles Orth, DO, FAOAO, Chair

ARAS Judges
Ted Parcel, DO
Patricia Baumann, DO, FAOAO
Charles Taunt, DO, FAOAO
Kevin Witte, DO

Foot & Ankle
Scott Nemec, DO, FAOAO
Richard Miller, DO, FAOAO

General Judges
Myron Haas, DO, FAOAO
Robert Swift, DO
Douglas Chonko, DO

Hand Judges
Stefan Zachary, DO, FAOAO
Justin Mitchell, DO
D. Ishu Singh, DO

Pediatric Judges
Susan Griffith, DO, FAOAO
Julieanne Sees, DO
John Schlechter, DO, FAOAO

Shoulder and Elbow Judges
Nur Nurbhai, DO
Howard Routman, DO, FAOAO

Spine Judges
Troy Caron, DO
Rasal Rana, DO

Sports Medicine Judges
Adam Morse, DO
Sheryl Lipnick, DO
Anthony McPherron

Trauma Judges
Daniel Oas, DO
Michael Levy, DO, FAOAO
Christiaan Mamczak, DO
Paul Pipitone, DO

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