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SAOAO Update

Priyal BhagatBy Kevin Blume
Des Moines University OMS III
SAOAO President

As winter begins to wind down, although for some of us not soon enough, the SAOAO team is looking ahead to our next conference at Amelia Island in Florida. The board and I have built upon the best aspects of our very successful conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, as well as added a few things in the mix to offer our members something fresh.  For instance, we are putting a new spin on the Q & A panels and adding a “speed dating” format. A small group of students will have roughly ten minutes to ask questions to a single resident before switching to a new resident for another ten minutes. Our hope is that this will take some of the pressure off asking questions in such a large audience. Not to worry though, we are still having the classic Q & A panels as well.

In addition to the residents, we will also have several 3rd and 4th year students sitting on these panels to answer questions. This is something new that the board and I feel very strongly about. As students, we set our eyes on prize, the prize of course being that grand orthopedic residency, but sometimes you can lose track of the present and the necessary steps to get to your prize. We think it is of the upmost importance to listen to those directly above us and gather their advice.

The conference will provide a great opportunity to meet new faces and share ideas for the future. We will host another suturing workshop to give our members a chance to further develop their suturing skills. More information will be available about the specifics of our conference in our spring newsletter, which will be sent out soon.

Apart from the conference, I am happy to say that plans are underway to offer an online discussion board for all of our members and have it running by this June.  My goal is to create a place where students can discuss academics, study plans for boards, rotation information, and any type of questions students need answered.  Every student has something to offer, and this forum will be the perfect way for each student to communicate his or her ideas.

Once again I wish to thank all of our members, the RAOAO, and of course the AOAO for the extraordinary support we receive to achieve our goals. I look forward to seeing all of you who can attend the conference in Florida.

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