AOAO Foundation Update

Dr. UlrichBy Gary S. Ulrich, DO, FAOAO, FACOS
AOAO Foundation President

This article serves as an update on some of the AOAO Foundation’s ongoing projects and activities. We were extremely proud and excited to present our first sports medicine paper award at the Residents and Fellows Session in Colorado Springs. The award winner was Molly McGraw for her work on the ulnar collateral ligament docking procedure. Her research was original. She served as the lead author and her work was published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. She received a $1000 award from Don Joy Orthopedics through the AOAO Foundation. The contribution will be utilized for Dr. McGraw’s residency library funds.

The foundation plans to continue offering sports medicine paper awards going forward and we will continue to develop our research efforts with support from Don Joy Orthopedics and other orthopedic industries. In addition, the foundation received funding for two $2,000 scholarships, again from Don Joy Orthopedics, and these will be awarded to residents who demonstrate excellence in their poster and research papers submitted during their second and third training year. We hope to begin reviewing submissions after the first of the year.

Lastly, the foundation board of directors approved three $1,000 scholarships to allow senior level residents to attend the Academy’s skills lab on January 8 in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Marian College of Osteopathic Medicine. This state of the art lab facility and current shoulder content will allow three residents to further develop their arthroscopic shoulder skills as well as gain exposure to some of the common open shoulder techniques that are utilized in both general and sports medicine practices.

With all that said, our foundation activities continue to grow. The board of directors is extremely dedicated to the mission of advancing osteopathic orthopedic research and supporting these activities in our young orthopedic surgeons. This work serves as the basis for all of our clinical practices, ensures the growth and vitality of our general membership and adds to the quality and depth of our current postgraduate and annual meetings.

Don’t forget:  It’s not too late to make a tax-deductible contribution to AOAO Foundation for 2015. Please stay tuned for information on further opportunities to contribute to the foundation in 2016, including the 75th Anniversary Gala event. Any thoughts or input from our general membership is always welcomed and encouraged.

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