Sports Medicine CAQ Update

Published 09/09/2014
Orthopedic Sports Medicine CAQ Update

By Christopher P. Dougherty, DO, FAOAO
Co-Chair, Orthopedic Sports Medicine CAQ Committee
Members of the Orthopedic Sports Medicine CAQ Committee met at the AOA Headquarters in Chicago on July 11, 2014. Present were Shariff K. Bishai, DO, MS, FAOAO and Chris Dougherty, DO, FAOAO, Co-Chairs, as well as Gary Ulrich DO, FAOAO, Jeff Mair, DO, Anthony McPherron, DO, Peter Blank, DO, Jim Lebolt, DO, Andrew Schorfhaar, DO and Robert Armstrong, DO.

Items covered at this meeting included completion of the application for jurisdiction of the exam, as well as a business plan implementation of the exam. In the next few weeks the application will be submitted to the AOA.

The next phase of the committee's duties will be completing the job task analysis and psychometric analysis in October (tentative) for the exam layout. This will be followed by the question writing sessions to include questions currently being written for the exam as well as those topics deemed by the analysis of the psychometric exam at the October meeting. The committee did receive report of differential RVU pay for non CAQ surgeons compared to CAQ surgeons.

The CAQ will assist our members with offering their patients the highest quality care as well as helping protect our practice profiles and reimbursement in the changing healthcare environment.

The Committee would like to extend a special thank you to Barbara Sharp, AOBOS Executive Director, who's help and guidance have been essential to this committee. More updates will follow as this project develops.

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