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Looking Back on a Successful Annual Meeting and Ahead to More Educational Opportunities

Dr. Zimmerman

By Philip T. Schmitt, DO, FAOAO

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” Confucius

Unified Accreditation
Confucius lived during a time of great chaos and conflict during the Spring and Autumn Era of China. Currently 60% of our osteopathic medical school graduates currently enter an ACGME accredited program. It seems unlikely that the United States government would continue to fund two separate graduate training programs. Combining accreditation for graduate programs allows us to have a voice in the future of our profession. As DO orthopedic surgeons, we need to continue to set the pace for our colleagues in training to become qualified osteopathic specialty physicians. Some of our residency programs are running efficiently or excelling, some will require guidance to become ACGME accredited. Our Academy will be there to offer assistance to those programs in need. Watch for further details as they evolve in this area.

Online Resources
Please visit for new member resources including your meeting attendance history, section information and volunteer opportunities. The website also provides the most update-to-date information on upcoming meetings as well as past meeting syllabus materials which contain recorded lectures with audio and slides. I would also encourage you to update your Doctor Locator information through your Member Profile.  I use this resource all of the time to set up my ‘snowbird’ patients with a competent physician should they need it.

Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC)
Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC) is here to stay. Requirements are due this year so join me in registering and beginning your learning modules. Please call the AOBOS or visit their booth at our upcoming Annual Meeting in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.  OCC is required for all orthopedic surgeons regardless of certification.

2014 Annual Meeting
I would invite you to attend the Annual Meeting this fall at the Terranea Oceanfront Resort October 23-25.  The program is available on our website. The CME Committee and session moderators have again provided an excellent program for up-to-date practice enhancing information in a wonderful setting.

I would continue to encourage you and our other colleagues in moving the osteopathic profession and our orthopedic specialty forward by continuing to serve and educate your patients and students.  I relish the near daily feedback from the AOAO membership during my tenor as your president.  Great changes and progress have occurred during the AOAO’s existence and many more are coming!

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