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Student AOAO: A Glance at the Past and a Spotlight on the Future

Dr. BurgeBy John Ross Burge, OMS-III
President, Student American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics
University of North Texas Health Science Center, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

As we approach the 2013 Postgraduate Seminar in Miami, we take a glimpse back on our origins as an organization.  In 2005, in Southern Florida, Dr. Morton Morris, DO, JD, FAOAO and student James Hunt of Nova Southeastern brought a vision of a student orthopedic organization to life.  Over the next few years, that vision grew wings under the guidance of a few determined students across the nation who all shared a common interest.  By March 2010, an Executive Board was formed from eleven students at the 50th Annual Postgraduate Seminar, which was also in Southern Florida.  During that year, they certified thirty-one new members and had twelve established chapters across the country.  Fast-forward to spring 2013, we now have twenty-four chapters nationwide and have certified three hundred and eleven new members for this year with several chapters’ rosters left to submit for this incoming class.  In addition, three new chapters have been started this year.

Our exponential growth is due to the success of our local chapters, their determined leaders, and the generosity of the AOAO Board.  Most of our local chapters are at schools that support osteopathic physicians’ pursuit of surgical subspecialties and have consequently blossomed.  These chapters hold amazing clinics and community service events that dramatically increase orthopedic exposure to student bodies.  The AOAO has taken us under their wing and provided us with the opportunity and resources to facilitate our own separate student conference complete with resident lecturers, resident panels, clinics, and program director panels.  Our recent conference in Colorado Springs was an impressive display of academic lectures, orthopedic jeopardy, and resident/program director panels, which was a far cry from our organization’s first conference.  Student representation at conferences primarily consists of local chapter leaders and can vary substantially depending on conference location.  For example, we fully expect Nova Southeastern to be heavily represented at the Miami conference. 

We’ve come a long way in a short time and it’s exciting to envision what the future holds for the Student AOAO.  Currently, we are expanding our social media footprint with increasingly beneficial twitter and Facebook accounts, and undergoing a substantial student website makeover.  Our password protected student website will have our mentor database that has been compiled over the last several conferences, as well as numerous helpful links from orthopedic resources to rotating students’ housing sites.  The mentor database is a list of nearly sixty orthopods across the country who are willing to have students with them in the operating room or clinic to teach and mentor.  This list will continue to grow with subsequent conferences.  Many of our resident lecturers also give permission to share their advice and lectures from our conferences for which we add links to on our site as well.  Additionally, by the time this article is published, we will have an online membership application with special thanks to the AOAO headquarters office. This new online feature will greatly increase the productivity of our National Council and allow for quicker student member access to the SAOAO member protected area. 

In regard to the organization’s future, our original vision is unchanged.  The founders of the Student AOAO believed that students interested in the specialty of orthopedic surgery can contribute to the growth and success of AOAO.  We want to unite students interested in orthopedics to share resources, knowledge, advice, and experience to increase exposure on a national and local level of all things orthopedic.  What we are focusing on as we continue to grow is ensuring that we stay within our scope and educational level in our lectures and clinics to maximize the benefit of attendance.  We limit the scope of our conference clinics to casting, splinting, and suturing; however, local chapters have been increasingly elaborate and I recently witnessed a cadaver hip arthroplasty performed for students to teach surgical anatomy as well as proper operating room etiquette.  Nationally, we survey to keep tabs on local chapter activities as a way for idea sharing.  Furthermore, since the AOAO and the RAOAO help us tremendously, we are taking special care to minimize the load that we place on them and make sure that we honor the Board’s rules and respectfully listen to input put forth on the Activities of the SAOAO.

Finally, we have begun an unofficial survey this year of SAOAO member 2013 match results and feel that this data will be important in shaping the organization's future and could be useful to the AOAO itself.  The Class of 2013 had a major role in creating the first national student board and consisted of the founding chapters; however, the national organization was still very much in its infancy.  One hundred percent of our current Class of 2013 national officers matched.  It will be interesting to compare 2013’s numbers to 2014’s.  The Class of 2014 was the first to fully benefit from the national organization’s existence.

As a final point, if any physicians would like to learn more about our organization or be added to the mentor database, please contact us at studentaoao@gmail.com.  Likewise, if any residents are interested in sitting for Q&A panels or giving lectures, please contact us.

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