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The Orthopod gets a new look

By Jeffrey P. Beckenbaugh, DO

On behalf of the AOAO, I am happy to report The Orthopod has returned, although with a slightly different look.  It was my honor to be selected by the AOAO leadership in October of 2011 as the new editor of The Orthopod

My goal is to present a successful newsletter with a new perspective, while at the same time respecting some of the traditions of the past.  The task of creating a smooth and comfortable transition from the Orthopod with which we all are familiar to the future look of the new Orthopod is a challenge we hope to make seamlessly. 

The printed format has been adapted for the electronic environment.  We have embraced the electronic format for a variety of reasons.  One reason is the dramatic cost savings; another is improved accessibility and distribution ease, as well as an attempt to simplify the publishing process.

Through direction of our Academy leadership, the new look Orthopod will have a general content change.  One of the most notable will be moving away from the case presentations format.  Further discussions are in progress with the Academy leadership to find consensus on whether or not we should include original research and projects from our membership.  Stay tuned for more on this topic.  

Engaging the AOAO membership, perhaps through the assistance of our section leaders, to provide reviews of relevant information on timely topics, will be another goal.  This can hopefully expand by providing links to important articles, or perhaps grow into our Academy developing reviews of pertinent clinical topics.  This will all evolve as we explore our new format and discover the best way to make the new Orthopod serve our membership.  

We will also continue to highlight specific residency programs and seek to maintain communications with our student and resident membership.  You will continue to see contributions from the SAOAO and RAOAO leadership and links to their communications in our newsletter.  Additionally, links to highlight important information from the AOAO web site, such as information about maintenance of certification and legislative updates will be included.  We will also provide links to information about membership activities, as well as information about regional and national seminars and meetings.

Our mission is to continue providing our membership with an informative, relevant, and educational newsletter.  Comments and suggestions regarding the newsletter are welcome.   That being said, changes like these often take time to accept.  In the end, we sincerely hope this change will lead to positive growth and improved communication that will serve and benefit all.  It is in this spirit that we move forward in continued service to the AOAO membership, building on the well respected and honored tradition of The Orthopod.

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