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SAOAO Report

By Shaun Alan Notman, OMS-IV
President, Student American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics
Nova Southeastern University, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dear AOAO Members, Resident and Student AOAO Members,

The Student American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics is grateful to the Academy and its members for their mentorship and support with our endeavors as budding clinicians. The SAOAO sees this upcoming year as a new opportunity for our members to continue with their professional growth. 

Our National Council is strong, determined, and very capable of providing a top caliber experience for its members and will strive to provide the membership with an organization that is nothing less than amazing. With the beginning of our new year, I was grateful and honored to be elected as the new SAOAO National President. This gave me an opportunity to reflect, as I remembered being present at the very first gathering of students who were eager to start a student chapter of the AOAO in Orlando, Florida in the spring of 2010.  We have come so far as an organization since then.  Last year’s leaders accomplished a great deal by expanding the national membership base, helping to start many new chapters at osteopathic schools, and expanding the available educational resources for local chapter meetings.

Additionally, they facilitated contact and communication with local orthopedic surgeons, awarded scholarships for travel to conferences, and streamlined the process for distributing information as well as optimized our capabilities and use of current social media and Internet resources.  As a part of this effort, we have started the process for releasing a regular podcast series and will begin to utilize social media as a means of disseminating information about events.

The SAOAO has enthusiastically begun planning for the 2012 Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, and our plan is that the lectures available specifically for students at this conference will be greatly expanded relative to past offerings.  In fact, we hope to have more than twice the amount of lectures previously held. Current orthopedic residents from many programs have already pledged their time to give presentations and assist in workshops that will help prepare students for their medical careers. We would like to invite all members of the AOAO to participate in the student activities.  If you are interested in providing any content, presentations, or other education to the SAOAO, we would be more than eager to accommodate you as a part of our schedule.

These lectures and teachings are greatly appreciated by the students. Accordingly we would like to extend great thanks to those residents and attending physicians who gave some of their time to speak to the students at The Greenbrier in West Virginia. Without your support, we would not be able to offer our student members the quality education and advice for them to utilize throughout their medical school career.

The 2012-2013 SAOAO National Council accepts the responsibility to have another successful year of expansion, experience, professionalism, and advancement. The newly elected officers have vast amounts of abilities and vision for the future of this organization and we all look forward to a great year ahead.  On behalf of the SAOAO National Council, welcome to the next stage of student membership within the AOAO.

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