Editor's Note

Dr. ArmbrusterBy Edward J. Armbruster, DO, FAOAO
Orthopod Editor

Welcome to the latest edition of The Orthopod!  We have had an outpouring of support and submissions and I am pleased to share our members’ work with you.

A new feature in this edition is entitled “DO’s that DO”.  This addition was suggested Dr. Heithoff and I believe our readers will truly enjoy it.  Briefly, “DO’s that DO” highlights some of the extraordinary work members of the AOAO perform above and beyond their practice. 

In this inaugural piece, we learn of the mission work Dr. Germaine Fritz has been involved in around the world.  Complete with photos, her story of serving those in need across the globe is both eye-opening and inspiring.  If you or another member participates in such activities, either volunteer, political, community service or otherwise, please provide a short blurb on the activities and we’ll check it out.

Several of our sections have been quite busy, as well.  Read what they are up to in Section Updates.

We also share with you several research pieces authored by AOAO members.  Broaden your horizons and learn what some of our colleagues have learned from their practices.

An editorial by Dr. Marc Trzeciak is timely and eye-opening.  I trust it will reflect some of our members' thoughts and ideas on the future of our profession.

I truly hope you enjoy this latest edition of The Orthopod!  As always, your feedback and contributions are always welcome.

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