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Hello my friends!   I have two messages for this Orthopod issue

Dr. HeithoffBy Steven J. Heithoff, DO, FAOAO
AOAO President

#1. AOA Brand

Lee Vander Lugt and I just returned from the AOA Board of Trustees midyear meeting.  I must admit I was pleasantly surprised! The BOT is truly working on the behalf of ALL DOs, with no little distinction between primary care and specialists.

A particularly interesting topic was regarding the AOA Brand.  Over $1 million was spent last year on this campaign. While we struggle with Osteopathic Distinction and ACGME, the AOA has been diligently working on a nationwide marketing campaign.  The primary purpose is to make the public aware of DOs and what we bring to the table that is special, e.g. treating the person as a whole, compassion, and the difference we make.

We heard a very dynamic presentation from Charlie Simpson, the CCO of the AOA on this marketing campaign.  He gave convincing evidence thatthe AOA brand campaign is working!  Hopefully this growing awareness will also result in market share.

#2. DOs that DO! 

There is enormous talent within the AOAO.  I think it would be fun to hear about things we accomplish outside of our practices. We want to showcase your talents and achievements! Maybe it’s in music or art, athletics or community service.  All categories are welcome!    

The next Orthopod issue will present the mission work of Dr. Germaine Fritz. We have a colleague who has ridden the Tour de France. I would LOVE to present his story. Come forward! Please volunteer yourself, or recommend a colleague.

Thanks and see you in Nashville!

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