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Time to Get Involved in AOAO

Dr. Zimmerman

By George Zimmerman, DO, FAOAO
AOAO President

As winter slowly fades away into spring and the cold and snow melt into green grass and sunshine, I realize that nearly half of my time as President of the AOAO has come to pass.  So much is going on in our world today as well as the House of Medicine.  Today our country is undergoing the most bizarre political battle ever in our history for the seat of the President of the United States.  The AOA Board of Trustees, led by President John W. Becker, is working diligently on the brand awareness campaign, medical research OGME and the ACGME and the single accreditation system. 

Your AOAO Leadership Board has been very busy working as well.  We have reviewed all of our active committees and have restructured them by incorporating new members with new ideas.  Our committees are the spine of the AOAO and our intent is to make our organization more efficient and effective by developing enthusiastic and motivated committees.  I highly encourage member participation.  The more individual members who became actively involved in our professional association will only make us stronger and vital as a whole.

Our CME Committee continues to be diligent and dedicated in the development of meetings that are educationally interesting and clinically useful to all of our members.  Our upcoming meetings include our 56th Postgraduate Seminar to be held April 8 through April 10 at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix.  This meeting will offer 22 AOA category 1A CME credits and will provide updates on current surgical techniques and clinical information.  Leaders in our field will debate and discuss selected topics related to all of us.  A charity golf outing has also been organized for Friday, April 8 to help support our AOAO Foundation.  Our Annual Meeting this year will be held on October 13 through October 15 at the Marriott Marquis in Washington D.C.  Please come and observe our 75th Anniversary and join in all the celebratory activities and fun.  We have planned a Gala Banquet to coincide with our Awards Ceremony, as well as a silent auction and a reception with live music.  The outstanding educational lectures and exceptional fellowship should make for an extraordinary experience.

Our Strategic Planning Committee continues to work proficiently and consistently to bring into reality all of our short and long-term goals and plans.  Our Resident and Fellow Committees have been asked to expand their purpose and help encourage our young surgeons to become more involved in our association.  We want to hear their thoughts and ideas about developing a young leaders program, as well as continue to have our younger surgeons present their papers and research at our meetings.  Our Executive Director, Dr. Lee Vander Lugt, and the Evaluating Committee have eagerly followed the forward progression of the ACGME and dealing with how it will affect the future of our training programs.  The single accreditation system continues to move forward. More and more residency programs are completing applications to become active participants in the future medical education plan for both the osteopathic and allopathic profession. 

All of our committee members and all of your AOAO Board have been actively working to make our Academy a high quality organization.  The AOAO continues to grow and has become a first-rate fraternity. Membership is essential. With the accelerated forward progress of the ACGME, member retention and new member growth will be the essence for our existence in the future.  I strongly encourage member participation and involvement in our organization.  New ideas and original thoughts from future members will only allow our Academy to grow and develop. 

I wish all of the AOAO members the best for the remainder of 2016, and invite you to join me in Arizona in April and in Washington D.C. in October for outstanding fellowship and an incredible educational experience.  Please get involved and actively participate in your AOAO.     

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